What started out as a small dream and desire to bring the best live music to Oswego has grown into a story that no one could have wrote... Starting back in 1993 as just another bar, The Scriba Town inn is now one of Oswego’s counties biggest hotspots and the only venue bringing in the biggest names and hottest shows!

Starting back in the late 90’s with a couple small shows, Foghat in 96’and multiple shows featuring Benny Mardones 97’ & 98’ lead into the first big bash, The “Rock Never Stops” Tour featuring Warrant, Firehouse, Slaughter & Quiet Riot, in 1999.

After a few years off to regroup, a whole new redesigned stage & concert grounds were built and the dream then started again! In 2006, we had a return performance from Benny Mardones&Frost Bit Blue that led into an 80’s rock craze that hasn’t stopped! After booking a show with Greatwhite in 2008, the concert grounds proved to be a place where rock and roll would thrive, and since then has only grown and grown.

Then with the announcement of Dokken in 2009 and the addition of CNY’s own 3 Inch Fury has the exclusive premier opening act the crowds were hooked. Along with these changes came big sponsors, Labatt Blue, All Seasons Inn, 95x, K-Rock, & others to secure the Summer Concert Stage as the real deal!

Then that was even eclipsed by the first sold out show of the venue’s history, in 2010, RATT’s “Infestation World Tour” packed the Scriba Town Inn and rocked the concert grounds to capacity!

Finishing out the 2010 summer was Greatwhite and Jani Lane , ending with a very special perk, Jani Lane singing “Down Boys” with 3 Inch Fury, as a packed house looked on…and rest as they say… is a future full of endless possibilities!!

“Life’s too short to drink Shitty beer, with ugly bartenders...”
Motel • Sports Bar • Concert Grounds .... Oswego, NY